About me

  • Indian, British, Californian: San Francisco

  • Bsc(HONS) Banking and International Finance 

  • Montessori Diploma

  • MSC Accounting and Finance

  • Exotic Options Desk, NW Global Financial Markets,

  • BNP ParibasOptionTrading Desk

  • Montessori Teacher (pre-school 2-6yr olds)

  • Parent Coach

  • Parenting Workshops

  • Mum to a girl (13yr old) and boy (10yr old)

  • Optimist, Meticulous, Always with a Plan

  • Hot Hot cup of Tea and a chilled can of fat Coke

  • In awe of people with common sense because its not common

  • Appreciate beautiful aesthetics

  • The child's eyes, the tilt of his head, the tone of her voice gives me answers

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